The Sports: Martial Arts: (Ninpo Martial Arts )

Ninpo is a martial system from Japan with roots extending centuries into history. The concept of Ninpo includes combat techniques (also known as ninjutsu), non-combative skills for working one's will in the world, and philosophies and spiritual training. As a martial system, all of these arenas are focused on enduring conflict successfully, and the "nin" kanji in Japanese can be translated as "endurance" or "perseverance". Ninpo is characterized by some as "the art of winning". Ninjutsu techniques comprise grappling, striking, and joint locks, all either unarmed or with weapons. Timing and distance are emphasized over speed and strength. Adaptability and economy of movement are prized. Ninpo Martial Arts Sports.

While there is a international martial arts organization representing several styles of modern ninjutsu, the historical lineage of these styles is disputed. (wikipedia)